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RINO Nikki Haley announced her run for President earlier this month – this is despite an earlier promise that she wouldn’t run if Donald Trump did.

The announcement flopped.

According to a new poll, she has only gained 3% since the announcement.

Donald Trump leads the poll with 50% while Ron DeSantis comes in second with 30% – Nikki Haley only gets 6% support.

Mediaite reported:

Former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley got some news buzz from the launch of her 2024 presidential campaign earlier this month — plus the chatter about some controversial attacks on her — and her time in the spotlight has indeed led her to surge in the polls, doubling her support…from 3 percent to 6 percent.

Unfortunately for Haley, that surge in online searches did not translate into a corresponding bump in the polls. Well, there was a bump. A small bump. A bumplet, if you will.

A Morning Consult poll showed that Haley’s support in the 2024 GOP presidential primary increased since her campaign launch from 3 percent to 6 percent. “That’s [former Vice President Mike Pence]-level — far short of [former President Donald Trump’s] 50% and [Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’] 30%,” tweeted Morning Consult senior reporter Eli Yokley along with the poll results.

Still, favorability ratings only get you so far, and when poll respondents were asked which candidate would get their vote if the Republican primary were held today, Haley basically improved her numbers from former Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY), who’s persona non grata among vast swaths of GOP voters for her criticism of Trump, to Pence, who likewise isn’t trusted by his own party’s voters for his refusal to support Trump’s efforts to overturn the 2020 election.

After her announcement, Republican political strategist Brette Powell ripped Haley in an interview saying she “is in this for her.”

From The Gateway Pundit:

Powell: I think the right candidate was already in the race to begin. But you know, Haley is in this for her. We’re in this for America.

I know my wallet was better under Donald Trump. I know that we were energy independent. America was better. Donald Trump has unfinished business, and America has unfinished business. It’s time for America to see and have that comeback that we all deserve.

Nikki Haley is exactly what we’ve already had years up. It’s all about her, and she’s not about the American people. In 2015, she was totally against the MAGA movement. It was all about America first, all about Americans, but when it served her, she grifted her way right into the UN Ambassadorship; again, about her. Donald Trump is about America. He’s about the people. Nikki Haley, Unfortunately, she’s just not.

I think his record speaks for itself. America under Donald Trump, America under Joe Biden, totally different. It’s unfinished business. I said it before, and I mean it. America deserves the hero, the leader, they deserve that comeback, they deserve for the job to be done.

Republican voters are done with RINO candidates!

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