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*Author Ashton Richie contributed to this article.

Last week at the Proud Boy Trial, a former Proud Boy and rat took the stand as a government witness against the group of American patriots.

The Department of Injustice’s star turncoat found himself in the crosshair of his worst enemy: His very own testimony.

Proud Boy Traitor Jeremy Bertino aka “noble Beard”.


Jeremy Bertino was a former Proud Boy, and videos have shown him to be one of the biggest agitators at rallies. Coincidentally, he is now working with the Government. Called “Noble Beard” by his former friends when he was an active Proud Boy (most Proud Boys have nicknames), the tall pencil-thin long bearded rat threw his five friends under the bus to save his own backside. It was revolting to watch.

Ironically, Bertino was one of the loudest Proud Boys running his mouth. He is now owned by the Department of Justice.


Bertino, now property of the DOJ, clearly made a sweet deal with the government in exchange for incriminating testimony to help put his former drinking buddies in jail for decades. Arrested after January 6th for additional weapons charges that were found in his home in an FBI raid, Bertino has not yet seen jail time (unlike his five friends on trial). The government is holding the weapons charges over his head to get the testimony they need out of him to further their agenda of convicting the Proud Boys of “Seditious Conspiracy” and ultimately tying them to President Trump.

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The bearded traitor perjured himself under oath multiple times and contradicted his own FBI interviews to cooperate with his new masters- the diabolical prosecutors. The desperate new conspiracy theory the prosecutors are feeding the biased D.C. jury is that the Proud Boys were so angry that their buddy Bertino (the rat) was stabbed by Antifa in a December rally before January 6th that they decided to take it out on police and the government. As a result they planned the fabled “Insurrection” of January 6th and committed “Seditious Conspiracy” all based on Bertino’s wound.

For obvious reasons the government needs Bertino’s cooperation to convince the jury of this ridiculous conspiracy theory- they are grasping at straws as their case against the Proud Boys continues to fall apart. Un-Noble Beard was more than willing to help the government as he sat on the stand and lied through his teeth (and bigger than his head beard).

Un-Noble beard at a rally before he became property of the DOJ.


“He has to sleep at night,” said Tina Ryan of Citizens Against Political Persecution. “Some of these guys were his best friends. They have been locked up in solitary confinement for two years and counting and facing decades in jail. It takes a special POS to do what Bertino is doing. Committing perjury to hurt his friends and fellow Americans, and assisting the left-leaning DOJ in their agenda of keeping Democrats in power by using January 6th as their “Reichstag Fire”.

If the drama in the Proud Boy Court Room was televised, the nation would be gripped and the whole fake January 6th narrative would fall apart. We at the Gateway Pundit and our associates are your only witness as it is being hidden from the public.

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When cross-examination of Bertino began, it only took Nick Smith (Defense Attorney for Ethan Nordean) a few questions and one clip of Jeremy’s own testimony, played over and over again to have Mr. Bertino physically scrambling in his seat to avoid the weight of his own prior testimony to the FBI, one that painted the TRUTH of the Proud Boys organization, instead of the two-day smear campaign Jeremy had laid out to save himself from his own illegal firearms felony charges (unrelated to January 6th).

The five political prisoner defendants leaned forward in their seats and breathed a physical sigh of relief to watch “Un-Noble Beard” Jeremy contradict himself and unknowingly admit to his lies and spin jobs.

The five Proud Boys on trial fight for their freedom and their lives as turncoat Jeremy Bertino stabs them (and the rest of us) in the back.


Prosecutors Erik Kenerson and Jason McCullough complained to the judge that they spent all their time and taxpayer resources cataloging and time-stamping their exhibits to provide them (as is required by law, this is not a favor to the defense) to the Defense teams. McCullough made a lengthy and exasperated claim that it’s only fair that they be prepared the same way and the defense tell them what they are going to address in the Bertino interview exhibits.

But here’s the crazy part…these prosecutors conducted Bertino’s original interviews themselves! They literally already know that the contents of Bertino’s interviews because THEY CONDUCTED THEM! They know he exonerated the Proud Boys in the beginning and the interviews THEY CONDUCTED are chock full of exculpatory statements! It wasn’t until Bertino started cooperating with the government that he changed his story entirely! 

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Getting justice for the Proud Boys will lead to justice for all of us.

What Jason McCullough REALLY wants is NOT to be ‘prepared’- McCullough KNOWS by asking for a roadmap to his own interviews, the REAL strategy is to ensure that by burdening the defense to provide a PRE-CONCIEVED LIST OF THE CROSS EXAMINATIONS, that any question he doesn’t approve of, he can get thrown out. And anything that they cannot pre-conceive of in time for the judge’s deadline, is now effectively OFF LIMITS. (Of course the Dishonorable Judge Timothy Kelly has been more that happy to favor the prosecution and this warrants an investigation in and of itself.)

“In the spirit of fairness, after watching how quickly Jeremy Bertino COLLAPSED under the weight of his own previous testimony on the stand, if I was the DOJ, I’d probably be running to Daddy Government begging to muzzle my opposition too,” said courtroom witness Ashton Richie.

If the drama in the Proud Boy Court Room was televised, the nation would be gripped and the whole fake January 6th narrative would fall apart. We at the Gateway Pundit are your only witness as it is being hidden from the public.

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The Proud Boys trial has already overshot their 6-week-long trial estimate and may drag out longer as every day these boys are shuffled in from solitary confinement, redressed in a suit to sit and watch the government playing games with their freedom all day, just to be shuffled back into a cold, tiny cell, re-shackled for transport, and dressed again in prison uniform, often to a cold dinner, and only their own thoughts for company.

“Getting justice for the Proud Boys will lead to justice for all of us,” said Tina Ryan of Citizens Against Political Persecution. “The government NEEDS this conviction to continue their phony narrative that January 6th was an “Insurrection”- to tell the world the Proud Boys are guilty of “Seditious Conspiracy”. They are tying them to President Trump so they can then charge him, and prevent him from running  for President again in 2024. Like Trump or not, this is NOT THE WAY DEMOCRACY WORKS. This is absolute unprecedented political persecution. If they can do this to the Proud Boys they can do this to any one of us.

The Proud Boys can win, but they need our help.

“Condemned USA has done ground-breaking work to ensure that these attorneys are provided for so that they can fight for the civil rights of their clients and God has blessed the Proud Boys with a dedicated team of highly skilled defense attorneys, most of whom have taken on these cases at cost, or almost Pro-Bono,” said Ashton Richie of Condemned USA (and also contributed to this article). “This is an uphill battle for the Defense and for the Defendants. We are still barely halfway through this case, cab fares need to be paid, paralegals, and research assistants need to be paid, witnesses need flights, hotels, expenses must be covered. The difference CAN be freedom, or solitude and injustice.”

Bertino’s testimony is likely to run into next week. We will keep you updated as the traitor will certainly be eaten alive by the defense attorneys. How do we know this? Because the truth always comes out and…


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The Proud Boys as free men before their political persecution by the Biden Regime.

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Ashton Richie is a Volunteer Research Assistant and Contributor for Condemned USA. She has extensive experience in data processing and research, Web Design, Citizen Journalism, and is lifelong Republican activist from Texas. She chose to join forces with Condemned USA to advocate for the Human and Civil Rights of all Americans, and for Equal Application of Law.

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