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A newly released documentary is giving Americans a glimpse at the left’s ultimate endgame.

The film — “Civilization in the Danger Zone” — gathers together many of the nation’s top academics and experts to examine the aftermath of the left’s attempts to destabilize and delegitimize three of America’s most essential building blocks.

Those building blocks are faith, family and freedom.

Experts featured in the film include prominent journalists Christopher Rufo and Heather Mac Donald, conservative columnist and scholar Victor Davis Hanson and writer Rod Dreher, among others.

“People will be shocked by what they learn in this film,” Hanson wrote, according to an official press release for the film.

“‘Civilization in the Danger Zone’ incisively exposes the left’s assault on Western values and liberties. The documentary details the divisive ideologies of the radicals who are attempting to subvert our most cherished shared beliefs and traditions.”

The official trailer for the documentary seems to call out one group of ideological radicals in particular — the far-left academics behind the notorious “1619 Project.”

“That’s where we are now: We’ve come to think that the founding of America is an evil thing,” Hillsdale College President Larry P. Arnn says in the trailer as a promotional image for the “1619 Project” flashes on the screen.

The project famously forwards the claim that the Revolutionary War began over colonists’ desire to protect the institution of slavery.

It has been widely criticized by numerous historians for the blatant historical inaccuracies stemming from the project’s very premise.

Despite this, courses based on the project have been taught in grade schools across the country.

Gloria Z. Greenfield, the filmmaker behind the project, aims to expose groups such as this.

“I have dedicated my career to studying the Judeo-Christian tenets that lie at the heart of Western Civilization,” Greenfield said.

“This documentary exposes, for the first time ever, the ongoing effort by extreme ideologues to undermine the philosophical pillars of the West.”

“From corporations pushing radical gender ideologies to the woke indoctrination of children, we are witnessing a concerted attempt to destabilize the foundations of our society.”

The film, which debuted on May 1, is available on the conservative and faith-based streaming site SalemNOW.

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