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Seth Keshel offers 10 points to ensure true election integrity.   

Recently Jim Hoft at The Gateway Pundit had the opportunity to interview Captain Seth Keshel on his work related to the 2020 Election and the anomalies he uncovered.  Keshel examined the final vote counts in all 50 states compared to the estimated numbers based on changing state dynamics and trends to come up with his estimated voter fraud in each state.

In his analysis, he believes there were in excess of 8.1 million votes for Joe Biden in the 2020 election.

TGP INTERVIEW: Captain Seth Keshel Discusses the 2020 Election Anomalies Ignored by the Media and GOPe – And What MUST TAKE PLACE to Save Democratic Elections in America

In a post from last March on his substack account, Keshel recommends 10 areas of focus to ensure election integrity.

Here are the Ten Points to True Election Integrity:

I.               Clean Out the Voter Rolls

II.              Ban All Electronic Elections Equipment

III.            Voter ID with Paper Ballots Only

IV.            Ban Mail-In Voting*

V.             Ban Early Voting*

VI.            Drastically Smaller Precincts*

VII.          Ban Ballot Harvesting

VIII.         Election Day is a Holiday

IX.            New Reporting Requirements for Transparency

X.              Heavy Prison Sentences for All Who Commit Fraud

Review these points.  Scrutinize them.  If you have things to contribute to any that will bring about improvement, they can be sent to me at  Many brilliant minds helped craft these points.

This list looks comprehensive and as relevant now as they were a year ago.  Now comes our challenge – to put these in place over the entire country one county at a time.

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