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War Room founder and host Steve Bannon spoke on Friday at CPAC.
Steve was a huge draw at the annual conservative event.

And the Honey Badger brought the FIRE to CPAC!

Steve Bannon: “[President Trump] is the leader of the most powerful political movement in American history!”

Steve Bannon: “[President Trump] is the leader of the most powerful political movement in American history!” #CPAC

Watch our LIVE continuous coverage of #CPAC2023 here:

— Real America’s Voice (RAV) (@RealAmVoice) March 3, 2023

Steve Bannon bashes the elites: “Our elites led us here step, by step, by step.”

“Our elites led us here step, by step, by step.”

Steve Bannon warns that both economic and geo-political crises are converging, creating “the most dangerous time in world history since the late 1930’s” #CPAC

Watch our LIVE continuous

— Real America’s Voice (RAV) (@RealAmVoice) March 3, 2023

Steve Bannon blasts FOX News under Paul Ryan.

Wow… Steve Bannon kicked Fox News all over the @CPAC stage…

— Paul Bedard (@SecretsBedard) March 3, 2023

Here is the full video – via RSBN.

Here is the transcript from Steve’s excellent speech today.

Steve Bannon: hank you. I’d like to be able to report that we’re just in a crisis or there’s a crisis coming, but that’s not the case. There’s no longer a gathering storm. The storm is here. The storm is here.

This is the most dangerous time in world history since the late 1930s, early 1940. And how do we get here? Our betters, our elites? Let us hear step by step by step. What you have now is you have two converging crises, a crises of capital markets and economics and a crisis of geopolitical and military.

And they’re converging very rapidly, and then they’re going to conflate. And once they conflate, they’re going to spin out of control. And it’s anybody’s bet. Now, remember, we came off of, on 3 November of 2024 years of peace and prosperity.

The interest rate, the interest rate, the ten year treasury in the evening of 3 November when Fox News illegitimately called it for the opposition and not Donald J. Trump, of which our nation has never recovered. Of which has never recovered, the interest rate in a ten year straight was 0.8% 0.8%. Today, for the first time, and God knows when, the entire structure of our interest rates from one month Treasuries to 30 year Treasuries went over 4%. Do you understand that the system is set up of debt?

It cannot take those type of interest rates. You will be absolutely crushed. And the people crush the most are the millennials that now have $9 trillion of debt. They are going to be Russian serfs. They’re not going to own anything with no possibility of owning anything.

Professor Rabini just told us about the financial aspects of it. We’re going to have recession, inflation, stagflation, depression, debt crisis. Dr. Doom, who called 2008, said it’s only going to get worse because the world’s got $300 trillion of debt. Now, let’s talk about the United States, right?

What do we have? $32 trillion. That’s nothing. The CBO reports you’re going to have another $20 trillion of debt in ten years. You’re going to be paying a trillion dollars a year in interest payments.

It’s not sustainable. Who got us here with Joe Biden? Yeah, but he got here because of the compromise made by the establishment Republicans in the Senate. They took away the gavel from you. What are they doing right now?

You need dramatic you need dramatic, dramatic cuts. You need dramatic cuts in spending right now and not one penny increase to the debt ceiling. Not one penny. If you prioritize the payments if you prioritize the payments, there’s plenty of cash. The cash comes in, we pay off the interest.

We pay off any securities that come due. We never default in the debt, ever. We pay off Social Security and Medicare and then we have to have a conversation, right? We have to have a conversation. It’s not an easy conversation.

All the easy decisions of decades ago. Now, on top of that, this converges, right? This converges on the geopolitical situation. Look what happened since Trump left office. You have the Ayatollahs in Iran, right?

Tell us, how safe do our allies in Israel feel right now? How safe do they feel? Ayatollah is going to Beijing, having a military ceremony, going to bring Xi to Tehran. You got the merger of the KGB in the CCP. You’ve got erdogan?

You have our great allies in Saudi Arabia already taking and transferring oil to Chinese currency away from the US dollar. You have North Korea and the radical Ajiatis in Pakistan. You have A conversions on the Eurasian land mass. And what are we doing? We’re turning over our foreign policy to Zelensky to let him determine whether he’s going to go take Crimea or not.

In all of this convergence, where’s Merrick Garland today? Is Merrick Garland at DOJ trying to arrest all the infiltration by the Chinese Communist Party in this country? Is he at DOJ helping Ray say, oh, well, they won’t help us on the Wuhan Lab. Maybe we need help. He’s in Ukraine.

He’s in Ukraine yelling, goes to Ukraine. She doesn’t go to East Palestine, Ohio. She goes to Ukraine. The convergence of these two crises is going to lead us into a Third World war. A third world War that are not only going to wipe you out economically and financially in this country, more important, your sons and daughters are going to die on foreign battlefields.

Are you prepared for that? Do you support that? No. I can’t hear you. Do you support it or not?

Because if you don’t stand up and fight it, it’s going to happen. You can’t put all this just on Donald J. Trump. This has to be the American people. You underwrite the entire system.

Are you prepared to fight back? Are you prepared to sit down and just take it?

The elites say you’re too stupid, you’re too lazy, and you’re too disconnected, watching television and watching the bread and circus of modern culture decay. Is that true? Are you sure? Because you underwrite the whole system. The neoliberal neocon system globally is underwritten by you, your taxes, your pension money, the insurance money, and most importantly, your sons and daughters.

You’re the one that can tell Congress, hey, not one increase to the debt ceiling. And we want to see massive cuts. We want to see massive cuts in spending. And we want to see it now, not next year. Don’t give me some happy talk formula.

Don’t give me some set of mathematics. I want to see real cuts. Now, when you talk about real cuts and Russ votes, put it out. The President Biden has always run around talking about it $2 trillion in cuts over the next ten year. I think in Medicaid, these are going to be tough cuts.

Okay? Get the woken weaponization out. Don’t think everyone’s going to be a fight, a tough fight. But think about it for a second. We have to cut trillions of dollars out of our budget every year to accumulate to trillions of dollars over the next ten years.

Everyone’s going to be ugly, right? We’re giving $200 billion to Ukraine. We’re paying their pensions. We’re paying their health care. The people under 35.

Do you have pensions that the government’s paying for right now? You do not. Do you have full health care? You do not. We are underwriting which Europe will not underwrite.

I have no problem at all if the Ukrainian people want to fight a Slavic war for the Russian speaking eastern border of Ukraine, and if they want to go to Crimea and take it back, God bless them, and the Europeans are going to pay for it. We’ve paid enough in the wars in Europe. We’re not a European power. We’re a Pacific power.

I need them on Capitol Hill, in Wall Street, in the city of London to hear you. Can I hear you? Are you going to send your sons and daughters to this war? And this, this is a room of veterans and this is a room of patriots that have served their country. Now, let me tell you where the hard part gets.

The hard part gets we’ve had the oligarchs on the Republican Party, the big hedge fund guys making $16 billion a year. Ken Griffin and, and Mitch McConnell and Rupert Murdoch, they have deemed hey, they know, they have told you that Donald J. Trump is not going to be the President of the United States.

Don’t fall don’t fall for the primary stuff. You have you have really good indecent people. Governor DeSantis, mike Pompeo, tim Scott. Yet you have Nikki Haley. That’s all fine.

It’s not relevant. We don’t have time for on the job training for a man that gave us four years, four years of peace and prosperity.

Show me what Ken Griffin has given us. Show us what Mish McConnell has given us. Show us what Mish McConnell has given us. Show us what the Murdochs, a bunch of foreigners, have given us. What have they given this country?

Nothing. Donald J. Trump, let me repeat, in a very volatile time in American history, gave us four years of peace and prosperity. You know why he put you in the room? To make decisions.

Out of the room, out of the deal. And Trump not only put you in the room, he puts you at the head of the table.

And that’s why they hate him. They don’t hate him. They don’t hate him because he’s Trump. They hate him because he represents you. He gives you a voice, and he will not back down.

Look at look at Fox News. Look at Fox News. The president announces his this is historic. A guy give you four years of peace and prosperity, announced he’s going to run again after having it stolen in broad daylight, of which they participate in they don’t even they cover it live for 20 minutes and then they say if there’s anything newsworthy, we’ll cut back. And they go to some panel and some discussion.

Note to Fox senior management when Donald J. Trump talks, it’s newsworthy.

What happened in the first week of January? You had Matt Gates and Bolbert in the magnificent stakes that stood there and put it all on the line. And what did Fox News do? They rolled out Call Rove and the hats from the Bush administration that got us in this mess to say, we need unity. We need unity to go and look turn.

We’re not looking for a compromise. We’re looking to save our country. We are not. What they mean by unity is you to give up and you to roll over. This is how you get $32 trillion and debt going to $52 trillion and dead.

This is how you get your kid to die on foreign battlefields in Iraq and Afghanistan and now in Ukraine. That’s how you do it. And we’re not going to have it anymore. Donald J. Trump donald J.

Trump is not simply a leader of a political party. He is not a politician. He is a leader of the most powerful political movement in American history.

Okay, Murdoch, here’s the way it’s going to be, brother. You’ve disrespected Donald J. Trump long enough, okay? He goes to East Palestine and gets the biden administration. It’s a global news event and you don’t cover it live.

Is there that much happening on Fox News at two in the afternoon that you can’t cover him live? He hasn’t been on Fox News since he announced for presidency. Let me ask you, any guy that brought peace to the world for four years until a Chinese let off a bioweapon, right? Wouldn’t you think to have respect for the audience, you would have him back up here to talk about the geopolitos if you had respect for people, wouldn’t you do that? They don’t respect you.

Read the depositions. The deposition. They have a fear, a loathing and contempt for you. And you are the ones that can make changes. The shareholders.

If you want your share price to stay up, you need to take action. The first thing you need to do is get rid of Paul Ryan as an independent director.

If Paul Ryan is saying that Trump wins, he’s not going to go. Then you got to get rid of him. The Murdochs immediately have to start covering president Trump. No special deals, just cover the man asking the tough questions. But we need to hear the voice of Donald J. Trump.

Hey an old man. Murdoch, while you’re at it, why don’t you? No more softball interviews to the guys running against him and no more infomercials. Okay? Play it straight.

You play it straight, donald Trump’s going to win the primary and Donald Trump’s going to win the presidency.

Let me leave you with what Trump is up against he’s not up against DeSantis or Nikki Haley or Mike Pompeo. He’s up against Ken Griffin and Mitch McConnell and Murdoch. Okay? They have deemed if he wins the primary, they’re going to work for the Democrats just like they work for Hillary Clinton. I was there.

I can tell you. They were in Clinton’s camp the entire way. All they are is about money. And the only people can stop them on the face of the earth are you. You and you.

MAGA. MAGA. Remember Murdoch? You’ve deemed Trump’s not going to be president. Well, we’ve deemed that you’re not going to have a network because we’re going to fight you every step of the way.

If your task and purpose is to take your country back, this country will be saved.

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