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The Fox News/Dominion lawsuit has been very revealing, and not in a “good way” for Fox News. We’ve discovered that all of our “favorites” including Tucker, actually believe Joe Biden won 81 million legal votes, which is mind blowing to me. ow gullible and stupid can you be? And we’ve also learned that Fox News founder Rupert Murdoch’s is a dark, sinister character, who likely has a plan in the works as we speak, to get rid of the “Trump-supporting” talent.

Murdoch’s so-called “admissions” under oath are actually a helluva lost worse than our fake news media wants you to know.

As with all stories, the media will only report what it wants you to hear, and the same is true with the  Fox vs. Dominion lawsuits. But thankfully, our guy Raheem Hassam is on the case, and he’s got the actual scoop of what’s really going down.

Here’s what Raheem said in his brilliant Substack piece:

The stories from Jeremy Peters (NYT) and Jeremy Barr (WaPo) confirm a bombshell admission from Mr. Murdoch, about how his network handled the 2020 election coverage. And remember, there’s a $1.6bn defamation lawsuit in play here.

Many will believe Mr. Murdoch was confessing, or being caught in a “gotcha!” moment. Not so. Read carefully. He’s drawing a firm line between his network and its on-air talent, all of whom have one particular thing in common.

Now look at the full verbal exchange, published on a website called RawStory, who hilariously have me blocked on Twitter for some reason.

Murdoch appears to be pushing back against the claim that it was his network that endorsed the stolen election idea. He’s not saying, “[yes] they endorsed,” he’s saying, “they [his anchors] endorsed [but the network itself did not].”


If the transcription included tone, the final “they” would be in italics.

The reality of this exchange is far darker than the corporate media will tell you. Murdoch is throwing his talent under the bus here, in order to save his company from Dominion’s gargantuan demands.

Fox didn’t endorse. The anchors did. Lou Dobbs did “a lot” and Sean Hannity did “a bit” and Maria and Jeanine. And guess what all of these anchors have in common?

Whether you’ve enjoyed their influence on Trump or not, they’re all Trump supporters. Backers, friends, or fellow travellers to say the least.

Raheem goes on to explain that this lawsuit is going to be Rupert’s way of “cleaning house” and getting rid of all the Trump supporting anchors, just like he did with Lou Dobbs… and Raheem says he’s doing that to make way for a huge Fox News push for Ron DeSantis in 2024.

Oh, the “DeSantis push” is going to be one of the biggest and most shameless we’ve ever seen.

If you’re not a subscriber to Raheem’s Substack, I suggest you do it now. In my opinion his Substack is one of the best out there.

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