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Hateful Joy Behar tells “these people”  in East Palestine that the disaster they are facing is because they voted for President Trump.

In a panel discussion, the shrews on The View found time to blame President Trump for the train accident, gloss over Biden’s utter failure in handling the disaster and conclude with suggesting that the people of East Palestine, Ohio are dumb rubes that got “what they voted for.”

Behar, “Because it seems to me that the Republicans are obsessed with the notion of the free market and they don’t like a lot of regulations.”

Sara Haines, “Because that means profit. When you deregulate, you get profit.”


Behar, “I know…for example there were very few plane crashes, thank God, and that’s because the industry is highly regulated. We have to pay for regulations and safety standards otherwise, where are we? We are are going to go up in flames.”

Allysa Farrah Griffin, “Norfolk Southern gives as much to Democrats as they do to Republicans, it’s a very powerful lobby that is trying to block regulation….and this train, two miles long with two employees and a trainee on it…that’s something that could wipe out an entire…”

Haines, “They didn’t need to because the last administration rolled it down to only one worker, they happened to have two.”

Griffen, “One thing I want to say is I think this was an unforced error by President Biden…and it was twenty days before we had Secretary Buttegege go down, ten days before he put out a statement acknowledging it. This is Trump country. He won by 40 points…he is a president for all Americans I believe, he needs to show that he is.”


Behar, “By the way, he places somebody with deep ties to the chemical industry to the EPA’s Chemical Safety Office…that’s who you voted for in that district…Donald Trump…who reduces all safety.”

Haines, “His voters saw something on the ground and that probable resonated with them.”

Behar, “But they need to look past the photo ops, these people…”

Joy Behar says the residents of East Palestine got what they deserved because they voted for Trump:

“That’s who you voted for!”

— Citizen Free Press (@CitizenFreePres) February 23, 2023

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