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This past weekend, actor Woody Harrelson hosted Saturday Night Live for the fifth time. His monologue, which was an incredibly thinly-veiled metaphor on covid lockdowns and vaccines, courted criticism with its meandering focus on a story about reading “the wildest script” about drug cartels.

The actor who supports marijuana used a rambling “redneck hippy” style in his talk, as one might anticipate. Harrelson opened his anecdote by declaring that he is politically “purple” and that he loves “everyone” before telling how he read “the craziest script” in Central Park three years ago.


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Before he got to the punchline, the story was frequently interrupted by asides, most of which concerned marijuana.

The biggest drug cartels in the world band together, buy up all the media and all the politicians, and order everyone in the world to remain confined to their houses, he explained. And people can only escape if they repeatedly use the drugs supplied by the cartel.

Obviously, the joke/metaphor wasn’t just about lockdowns, but also about the pharmaceutical firms that produced the vaccinations and boosters and who they bought off governments as part of a grand scheme to hold the entire world hostage for financial gain.

I threw the script away, Harrelson admitted. Who is going to buy that ridiculous theory, I mean? compelled to use drugs? All day long, I voluntarily do it.

The attack on the drug companies and covid lockdowns will generate indignation and outrage, especially among media professionals. Yet, it may also surprise some individuals, such as those on the right who are unaccustomed to appreciating anything performed on the liberal SNL stage.

The odd 5G conspiracy hypothesis was expressed by Harrelson, a 9/11 truther, back in 2020. He also disagreed with mandatory masks in an interview with Vanity Fair, claiming he doesn’t believe in “the germ theory.” He is a climate activist, vegan, anarchist Marxist, and the producer of a film on “regenerative agriculture.”

Pretty purple, that. perhaps awful purple. Yet regardless of your perspective, his monologue will undoubtedly generate its own news cycle until it disappears in a cloud of blue smoke. Oh, and his joke about Cologuard was hilarious. Well, there you go.

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