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I think we can all agree that there is enough racial division in this country and we don’t need more. These “months” that are devoted to left-wing causes like “Pride Month” and “Black History Month” are not about celebrating individuals, it’s about continuing to push the left’s agenda. If Dems truly cared about Black History, they would stop sending billions to Ukraine, and giving illegals a good life, while so many black people today live in poverty and crime-infested hell that could be easily fixed, if they wanted to spend the money, and take the time to liberate these struggling Americans. But they don’t. That’s the “history” of the Democrat Party, and it’s nothing to celebrate, trust me.

Meanwhile, this sort of divisive stuff is going on. This isn’t “celebrating” Back History, it’s tearing others down, and it’s wrong, no matter what color the person’s skin is.

Imagine this being said about literally any other race. Every person in this video would lose their job. They’d rightfully be called racists. They’d be shunned. If they say it about white people they get praised by the left. We can’t continue this madness.

— Robby Starbuck (@robbystarbuck) February 25, 2023

So, when GOP establishment darling and NeverTrump’s 2024 “candiate” tweeted out a photo of his “Black History Month” celebration at the governor’s mansion, Wayne Dupree called him out.

Here’s what Ron DeSantis said in a tweet: “It was great celebrating Black History Month at the Mansion!”

And here’s what Wayne said in response to DeSantis’ tweet: “Isn’t this pandering?”

Isn’t this pandering?

— 🫵🏾 Wayne DuPree  (@WayneDupreeShow) February 26, 2023

It seems most everyone agrees with Wayne.

Here’s what people online are saying about Ron’s tweet:

“This is a Paul Ryan-approved event.” 

“This is not the messaging you want. There should not be any holidays, time periods, or other events based on skin color.”

“Congratulations DeSantis, you just secured my vote for Donald J. Trump with this tweet.” 

“Aaaaand that’s it. Thanks, folks. Celebration is over. Bye. Don’t come back.”

“You celebrating Black History Month is comical, at best. Please stop with this GOP establishment nonsense” 

“Ron, you’re better than this, what are you doing here?” 

“I am a black conservative, and this really turns me off.” 

“You should never align yourself with people who have pronouns in their bios. Big mistake.” 

“Well, Ron’s true colors really are showing LOL”

“Trump was right.”

“This guy is an establishment puppet. Trump was right. No thanks to DeSantis 2024 and 2028 doesn’t even sound good at this point” 

This is just the start of it. Ron accidentally allowed a little sneak peek of who he really is – a “Paul Ryan Republican”-  lip out.
There’s much more to come of this if he ever gets anywhere near the White House.
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