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Far left spiritual advisor Marianne Williamson has now announced her intention to challenge Joe Biden for the Democratic nomination in 2024, and the sharp knives are already coming out for her.

Democrat insiders are mocking her and her campaign as unserious and a joke.

The truth is that they’re terrified of a candidate outflanking Biden on the left, who could possibly split even a part of the Democrat vote.

FOX News reports:

Democrats turn on ‘joke’ candidate Marianne Williamson after she announces 2024 challenge to Biden

Spiritual adviser and bestselling self-help author Marianne Williamson is facing backlash from those within her own party after she announced over the weekend she would pose a political challenge to President Biden.

Biden has yet to declare whether he will seek the presidency for a second term in 2024..

Democratic activist and American lawyer Aaron Parnas took issue with those attempting to legitimize Williamson’s candidacy, referring to Biden as one of the “most revolutionary” presidents in recent history.

“The media needs to stop legitimizing Marianne Williamson’s campaign for President,” Parnas wrote in a now-deleted tweet. “President Biden has been one of the most revolutionary Presidents in recent history and has the full support of Democrats across America. There is no legitimate primary. Biden is our nominee.”

Santiago Mayer, the founder and executive director of Voters of Tomorrow, also downplayed Williamson’s campaign announcement, referring to her as a “joke” with financial motive.

“Let’s be clear: Marianne Williamson is a joke,” Mayer wrote. “She’s a fundamentally unserious candidate running as a stunt to sell her books.”

“The best way to handle her is to not address her at all,” political commentator and former Biden delegate Lindy Li said on MSNBC after the announcement Saturday.

Look at this obvious panic:

Every single disabled person should push very, very hard against Marianne Williamson’s candidacy. She is incredibly dangerous and ableist, fatphobic, anti-survivor, and anti-vaxxer.

— Tory Cross (@queer_spice) March 5, 2023

“The best way to handle her is to not address her at all.” @lindyli says she doesn’t consider Marianne Williamson a threat to Biden’s campaign as Democrats continue to rally behind the president.

— Yasmin Vossoughian Reports (@YasminMSNBC) March 4, 2023

‘Williamson is a cookie-cutter political grifter, a smooth talker who maintains no illusions of having any real political impact but benefits financially from the attention her candidacy brings.’ Sharp @c_cauterucci on Marianne Williamson.

— Hillary Frey (@hilella) February 28, 2023

Hard pass. @marwilliamson is a Neocon.

— Michael Raveles (@ravelesm) March 5, 2023

Williamson is a Neocon???

Democrats are afraid of another Jill Stein. That’s what this is about.


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