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The left has been trying to shut down the FOX News channel since its founding nearly three decades ago. They simply cannot stand that there is one major cable news network that doesn’t toe the line and spout Democrat talking points.

All of their previous efforts to cancel FOX News have failed, and this one will too. But it’s not stopping Democrats and their supporters from trying to convince themselves that their big moment has arrived.

The funniest part is that these people think they’ve got FOX over a barrel for ‘conspiracy theories’ about the 2020 election. These people, the same ones who pushed Russia collusion for four solid years, and in many cases still believe it, think they’re going to cancel FOX for what THEY have been doing since 2016.

Politico reports:

Dems want to cut Fox off after lawsuit revelations

The thunderclap of stories showing Fox News’ role in pushing 2020 election fraud conspiracies and aiding Donald Trump’s campaign has intensified calls among Democrats to black out the network.

The revelations, made public as part of a $1.6 billion lawsuit brought against Fox by Dominion Voting Systems, showed that some network hosts and executives endorsed lies about Trump’s loss, hosted conspiracy theorists whom they thought were unhinged, and overtly prioritized the company’s profit over truth. A related deposition of the media empire’s chair, Rupert Murdoch, revealed that he shared private intel about Joe Biden’s campaign TV ads and provided debate strategy with top Trump advisers.

For years, Democrats have been engaged in a debate over whether the party should shun the cable news giant or grudgingly use its airwaves to run counterprogramming. But in the midst of the latest saga, a newer type of reaction has emerged: that they should sever all ties, including any money spent advertising on the network.

“There is nothing in those documents to show they operate like a real news organization,” said Doug Gordon, a Democratic strategist. “If you are running a campaign in 2024, how do you in good faith hand your ads to Fox when you know they handed them over to Republicans? If there are any general election debates, how do you let Fox be a moderator?”

Read that last paragraph again, but substitute CNN or MSNBC and see if it sounds any different.

What these idiots don’t realize is that with the exception of a few opinion hosts, many conservatives don’t even view FOX News as a conservative outlet anymore.

Also, ratings analysis has repeatedly shown that many Democrat voters watch FOX News, and that’s the crux of it.

Chuck Schumer and other party leaders are terrified by the idea of Democrat voters listening to Tucker Carlson.

Democrats love to call their critics fascists, yet they salivate at the idea of taking basic rights like free speech away from anyone they don’t like.

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