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When reporters, journalists, or your friends suggest that the Democrat Party is acting like a Communist party, it’s because THEY ARE acting like third world Communists.

This Twitter thread by Senator JD Vance says it all.

I’ve been asked by multiple reporters if an indictment would lead me to rescind my endorsement of Donald Trump. The answer is: hell no. A politically motivated prosecution makes the argument for Trump stronger. We simply don’t have a real country if justice depends on politics.

— J.D. Vance (@JDVance1) March 18, 2023

The thread starts off with the WaPo’s Josh Dawsey pushing another hit piece on President Trump, trying to explain how it now makes sense to make a misdemeanor a felony that occurred six years ago as long as it takes down President Trump.

Ohio Senator J.D. Vance responded to Dawsey’s tweet noting that Bragg’s case is garbage and that the this same District Attorney is allowing criminals to run free in New York City.  He rightly claims that these actions taken by Democrat public officials are third-world tactics.

Then Vance opines that this will cause President Trump to win in a landslide in 2024.

But why does this not scare Democrats or prevent them from acting like communist tyrants?

The reason is that the Democrats know that they are going to win the next election.  They don’t know who will win, they don’t yet know the name of the Democrat winner, they just know they will win. 

Communist leader Lenin stole elections in Russia and then after multiple elections, the election process was over.  That is what communists do.

History Repeats Itself: Lenin’s Actions to Steal the 1917 Election in Russia Are Eerily Similar to the Democrats Steal Today

After the stolen 2020 Election the first bill that the Democrats put on the table was  HR1 – a bill to codify their election tricks and gimmicks into perpetuity.

SHOCKING: The Democrats’ First Bill of 2021 Is to Lock In Fraudulent Election Maneuvers and Steal Elections in Perpetuity

This bill didn’t pass but the state of New Mexico just passed a similar bill.

The Democrats don’t seem pressured to pass any more bills or make any changes.  They are charging ahead with their madness and destruction of the Constitution and the country.

America must work to ensure elections are free and fair. 

Voter IDs are necessary to identify who is voting.  Accurate voter rolls are necessary as well.

Elections should be held on one day and votes should all be counted that evening and certified at the precinct level.  Machines should not be used if they are not auditable at the local level and currently they are not.

The Democrats are fighting against all of this.  They cannot win without the ability to manipulate the numbers.  They act like they believe they have the next election won already.  This is very suspicious.

And that is why they are going after President Trump.  They know they can do this without consequence.

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