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Remember “American Idol” Kellie Pickler, right? She didn’t win, but she remained very popular and carved out a nice country music career for herself. She even landed a reality TV show tat ran for a few years called ” I love Kellie Pickler” that highlighted her life and marriage to Kyle Jacobs. Everything seemed great, and it felt like Kellie was living a charmed life… and then, everything changed and her world fell apart.

Recently, Kellie’s husband was found dead in their home. It appears he killed himself, and this shocked everyone, because he was so “happy” and “celebratory” just one day before he committed suicide.

TMZ reported that Kyle Jacobs seemed upbeat and happy in his last social media post — giving no hint whatsoever he would take his own life just one day later.
The husband of American Idol alum, Kellie Pickler posted a message to Instagram Thursday celebrating the success of country music star Lee Brice’s fifth album, “Hey World.” Jacobs produced the album and played guitar on it.

Jacobs wrote, “Platinum?! SWEEEET!!! An amazing crew of incredibly talented peeps put this one together.”

He continued, “Deeply honored to be a creative part of it…Thank you Jesus!!!”

TMZ broke the story … the next day, Jacobs died by suicide after shooting himself inside the home he shared with Pickler in Nashville, Tennessee.

Nashville PD said Pickler got worried when she awoke and couldn’t find Jacobs. She and an assistant searched and came upon an upstairs bedroom door, which they couldn’t open. After they called 911, police gained entry and discovered Jacobs’ body inside.

Jacobs and Pickler tied the knot back in 2011, and together starred in “I Love Kellie Pickler” for 3 seasons; the show launched in 2015. Like Kellie, Kyle was a country music songwriter who had worked with several superstars, including Tim McGraw, Kelly Clarkson and Garth Brooks.

Things can look so good on the outside, and you think people have a “perfect life,” but that’e rarely the reality. There’s always something dark lurking beneath the surface.

Very sad story. We hope Kellie finds peace and can heal from her loss.

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