Select Page | by DP News Staff | May 7, 2023

I was having a conversation with someone last week regarding the sudden departure of Tucker Carlson from Fox. Without any premeditation this came out of my mouth, “Tucker Carlson is our generation’s Rush Limbaugh.”

Carlson was the keynote speaker at the Rainbow Omega Foundation annual fundraising dinner Thursday evening.  As I listened to his over a hour address, the thought kept coming back, “Tucker is our generation’s Rush Limbaugh.”

As one who listened to Rush daily starting October 7, 1991 until his last show, I appreciate the efforts of Clay Travis and Buck Sexton as they have attempted to pick up the mantle of Rush…but it’s not the same.  I tried to give Travis and Sexton a shot for a week or two.  Disappointing.  I haven’t tuned in since.

Enter Tucker Carlson.

As I listened to his speech on Thursday, thinking how he is my generation’s (Gen X for those wondering…) Rush Limbaugh, I think a very strong case can be made that Carlson should be handed over the reigns of EIB Network.  Travis and Buxton were correct when they said they were no Rush Limbaugh nor could they fill his shoes.

Tucker Carlson could fill Rush’s shoes.  And this Maine kid would resume tuning into EIB radio show daily…heck, I would even renew my “Excellence in Broadcast” annual subscription. 

Can you imagine the “Limbaugh Letter” at the masterful pen of Carlson?

Yes, it’s time for America to appoint a new “America’s anchorman” and free Clay Travis and Buck Sexton to allow them to go back and do what they do best. 

What do you think, EIB?

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