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I gotta tell ya… This is getting disturbing beyond belief. All of these young, healthy kids dropping like flies all over the place, and everyone is just acting like this is the most normal thing on the planet, ignoring the fact that there was a massive change to many people’s lives a couple of years ago… It’s crazy to me. Now, I am not saying ALL of these sudden deaths, and people collapsing is “mysterious.” I am sure some of the reasons are legit health or possibly drug use. But it’s really hard to say, when nobody is doing a thorough and responsible investigation to put people’s minds at ease.

Wouldn’t that be helpful? And why isn’t that happening?

We’re just told to stop being “anti-science” and that the vaccine is perfectly safe.

Meanwhile, here we go again… another young, healthy athlete collapsed, and had to be resuscitated – thank the good Lord this kid is alive… but what doctors said about his heart, and how it was only operating at 10-15% capacity  is downright bone-chilling.

From Sport’s illustrated:

21-year-old college football player Kaseem Vauls went into cardiac arrest on Wednesday morning, forcing doctors to resuscitate him and place him on a ventilator, according to the player’s father.

Vauls, a defensive lineman for Jackson State, was in stable condition, “but still critical,” his father, William, told The Clarion-Ledger.

Vauls was taken to the University of Mississippi Medical Center on Tuesday night with stomach pain and suffered the cardiac arrest the next morning.

Doctors placed Vauls on a ventilator and he underwent surgery later that afternoon.

A cardiologist told The Clarion-Ledger that the player’s heart was functioning at only around 10 to 15 percent capacity.

“What the doctors think happened, that when Kaseem’s heart was failing, that what was giving him the stomach pains,” the player’s father said.

“His liver was suffering as fluid built up with toxins in his liver, kidneys, and blood. All those toxins built up in his blood stream and his heart could not operate properly and the machine is being used to clean out the blood and toxins.”

Kaseem’s father provided another update on Thursday morning, saying that doctors told him his son’s condition was “progressing” and that they will slowly lower his medication over time.

“The machine is so his organs can rest and not work so hard,” he said.

“Then they will lower down the sedation so he can wake up on his own but that might be until day 4 on the machine.”

How much longer can the media and politicians (on both sides) ignore this? And seriously, are people still getting the booster, after of all of this?

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