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For eons now we’ve been saying that CNN’s new boss Chris Licht had to do three things if he had any chance of bringing CNN back from the bowels of fake news hell. He had to fire 3 key people: Brian Stelter (fired), Jim Acosta, and Don Lemon. If he did that, he would be sending a very clear message to the American people that he means business and isn’t interested in hysterical TDS nonsense and some weird, ex-girlfriend-like obsession with Fox News.

Well, Chris got rid of Brian, which was great, but he kept Acosta and Lemon – a huge mistake. And as a result, CNN is still in the crapper – maybe worse than ever, actually.

To his credit, Licht did remove Don Lemon from the prime time lineup and tried to hide him away on CNN’s unpopular morning show. That show’s ratings tanked even lower once Don arrived.

But things was about to get even worse…

In an effort to attack Republican RINO Nikki Haley, Don Lemon decided it’d be a good idea to insult the entire female race, by claiming that women in their 50s are “past their prime.”

What an idiot…

But the good news is, he’s been pulled off the air (for now) and it appears that Licht is finally realizing what we’ve all known this entire time – Don Lemon is unemployable.

OutKick reported that Don Lemon will not appear Monday morning on CNN. Fox News Digital reports CNN has benched the host as it mulls his future at the network.

Last week, Lemon mansplained to his female co-hosts that women over 50 are no longer in prime condition while discussing Nikki Haley running for president as a 51-year-old woman.

The commentary supposedly offended female staffers as well as his boss. CEO Chris Licht opened his daily 9 a.m. editorial call Friday by rebuking Lemon’s segment.

“[Lemon] remarks were upsetting, unacceptable and unfair to his co-hosts, and ultimately a huge distraction to the great work of this organization,” Licht told staff, according to a recording of the call which The New York Times obtained.

Thereby the network decided sometime over the weekend to bench Lemon amid the backlash to his comments.

Sunday afternoon, CNN sent staffers an updated schedule for Monday. The change noted that Sara Sidner would take Lemon’s place alongside Poppy Harlow and Kaitlan Collins on  “CNN This Morning.”

In short, CNN will put forth an improved morning program Monday. And Sidner isn’t a skilled broadcaster…

Perhaps Licht plans to use Lemon’s remarks about women as a means to fire him. Firing a gay black man is no simple task. But dismissing him in the name of fighting sexism would ease some of the inevitable racial backlash.

Lemon gave Licht an out by offending feminists.

Good, use it, Chris…

Let’s hope Don Lemon will be unemployed soon. We don’t often wish that on people, but in this case, Don needs a big spoonful of “humble pie.” The man is a nasty, condescending narcissist, with delusions of grandeur, who treats everyone around him like garbage.

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