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It’s hard to believe that Chicago is about to be worse off than it was under Lori Lightfoot, but it really looks like that’s the case.

Following the violent youth riots in the city, Mayor-Elect Brandon Johnson is bending over backwards to defend the rioters, calling what they did ‘silly decisions.’

He is not even in office yet and you can see exactly where the city is headed.

Townhall reports:

Chicago Mayor-Elect Doubles Down Defending Youths Rioting in Downtown

Chicago Mayor-elect Brandon Johnson (D) continued to defend the rioting that broke out in the heart of downtown last weekend, which was caused by a large number of black youths causing mayhem in the Loop during the warm evenings. Damage to cars and buildings were done and people were attacked at random with Chicago police officers struggling to contain the violence. Two children were shot as a result of the chaos.

ohnson said it is counter-productive to demonize children and young people make “silly decisions.”

“Demonizing children is wrong! We have to keep them safe as well. Have you ever taught middle school? I have. Have you ever raised young people? Do you understand the risks that young people take just because they are young? Do you that home plate is at the bottom of my stairs? I found that out when my son was sliding down those stairs trying to score! They’re young, sometimes they make silly decisions! They do!” Johnson stated.

Johnson’s initial statement about the riots first mentioned he does not support the “destructive activity” but claimed it was caused by young people who have “been starved of opportunities” in their neighborhoods.

Watch below:

Mayor-elect Brandon Johnson doubles down on defending the rioters:

“Demonizing children is wrong!”
“Sometimes they make silly decisions!”

— End Wokeness (@EndWokeness) April 20, 2023

Stealing a car and setting it a blaze is not a silly decision.

Pummeling two innocents and a CTA employee is not a silly decision.

Jumping on cars, looting, and vandalizing is not a silly decision.

It’s all violent, criminal behavior, and it deserves to be demonized, period.

— Chicago Contrarian (@ChicagoContrar1) April 20, 2023

Democrats continue electing far left, woke politicians who are not qualified to handle the job of maintaining law and order.

The city of Chicago is doomed.

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