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Dr. Celine Gounder (Source: CBS News)

After ignoring the alarming increase in heart attack deaths among both children and adults for three years, the mainstream media has finally begun to cover the story.

However, they are too blind to see the cause of these incidents.

There’s an elephant in the room and they refused to see it.

CBS News reported on Monday that a new study from Cedars Sinai Hospital found that 30% more people died of heart attacks than expected in the first two years of the COVID pandemic.

According to the study from Cedars Sinai Hospital:

In the year before the pandemic, there were 143,787 heart attack deaths; within the first year of the pandemic, this number had increased by 14% to 164,096.
The excess in acute myocardial infarction-associated mortality has persisted throughout the pandemic, even during the most recent period marked by a surge of the presumed less-virulent Omicron variant.
Researchers found that although acute myocardial infarction deaths during the pandemic increased across all age groups, the relative rise was most significant for the youngest group, ages 25 to 44.
By the second year of the pandemic, the “observed” compared to “predicted” rates of heart attack death had increased by 29.9% for adults ages 25-44, by 19.6% for adults ages 45-64, and by 13.7% for adults age 65 and older.

Dr. Celine Gounder, editor-at-large for public health at Kaiser Health News and a CBS News medical contributor, joined Tony Dokoupil and Lilia Luciano to discuss the findings.

“To do a study like this, you look at the years prior to the pandemic and the typical rate of heart attack death in that age group, and then you see it increase and you wonder, what’s the new variable? And so the pandemic is that the new variable?” asked Dokoupil.

“That’s right,”  Gounder claimed. “So these researchers looked at ten years of data across the US – all the death certificates that get filed with the CDC – that data. And so what they saw is, prior to the pandemic, heart attack deaths were actually dropping, and then that trend reverses, and you see those deaths go up, especially among that youngest age group during the pandemic.”

For Grounder, the deaths from heart attacks were caused by COVID-19 and the decline in youth vaccination and mask use.

“These death certificates are probably not even capturing the fact that they might have had COVID. They’re really just saying, did you die from a heart attack or not?”

“What we do know, however, is that younger people were less likely to protect themselves against COVID than older people – less likely to mask, less likely to take other mitigation measures. And they were also farther back in line to get vaccinated. So they were not protected with vaccination until later in the pandemic. Those might have been a factor here,” she said.

“COVID causes inflammation of the blood vessels as well as other parts of the body and also blood clots. And what we think is that a COVID infection may have actually accelerated the process of developing heart disease, what we call coronary artery disease, and so therefore accelerated when somebody might have had a heart attack and died from a heart attack,” she continued.

Watch the interview below:

Mainstream news now reporting a **30%** increase in heart attack deaths for young adults aged 25-44

The cause?

“Lower rates of masking and vaccinations in young people”

These people are sociopathic with how much they lie to protect Big Pharma

— DC_Draino (@DC_Draino) February 15, 2023

After the interview, Grounder took to social media and suggested that the best method to prevent a heart attack from COVID is to get vaccinated, to always wear a mask in public places (particularly indoors during COVID outbreaks), and to make sure there is adequate ventilation and air filtration.

7/ How can you reduce your risk of heartattack from COVID?
getting vaccinated
wearing a mask, especially in indoor public spaces during COVID surges
ventilation & air filtration

— Céline Gounder, MD, ScM, FIDSA (@celinegounder) February 14, 2023

The Gateway Pundit previously reported that according to a study conducted by the University of California, teenage boys are six times more likely to suffer heart conditions after being injected with a COVID-19 injection than undergo hospitalization from infection of the coronavirus.

From January to June of last year, a team led by spine and regenerative medicine doctor Tracy Høeg investigated the rate of heart inflammation, and chest pain in children 12-17 following their second dose of the vaccination.

Høeg’s and her team found boys ranging from the age of 12 and 15 are the most at risk of suffering a “cardiac adverse event” from the experimental injection.

“Researchers found that the risk of heart complications for boys aged 12-15 following the vaccine was 162.2 per million, which was the highest out of all the groups they looked at,” Telegraph reports. The second-highest rate was among boys aged 16-17 (94.0 per million) followed by girls aged 16-17 (13.4 per million) and girls aged 12-15 (13.0 per million).

While the likelihood of suffering myocarditis and heart inflammation dramatically increases among young males following COVID vaccination, teenage boys infected with coronavirus are very unlikely to need hospitalization from the virus itself.

“Evidence from studies show it is unlikely for boys to suffer either heart problems from the vaccine or be hospitalized by Covid,” the publication notes. “The risk of a healthy boy needing hospital treatment owing to Covid-19 in the next 120 days is 26.7 per million. This means the risk they face from heart complications is 6.1 times higher than that of hospitalization.

Even the CDC admitted and said the relative risk for myocarditis caused by mRNA vaccine is higher in young males ages 12 to 39 years old, but claimed this is rare.

Extending the interval between the first and second doses might reduce myocarditis risk.

CDC released a new study examining international data and policies on preferential recommendations of an mRNA vaccine product or extended primary series intervals as they relate to myocarditis and/or pericarditis. You can read the summary of findings in each country here.

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