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A breaking report by CBS Chicago has revealed a voter has voted twice after an election Judge gave the voter two ballots by “accident”.

News anchor Chris Tye of CBS Chicago reported two investigators from CBS discovered an election Judge “accidentally” gave a voter two ballots.

After receiving two ballots the voter would proceed to cast both ballots.

Tye would continue to report. “due to secret ballot laws the board of elections has no way of finding and removing the extra one”.


The judge who gave away the two ballots has been “reprimanded”.

In the second half of CBS’s election update on Chicago’s mayoral race, CBS 2 News anchor Sal Rezaei would interview Natalie Topp.

Topp would tell CBS Chicago that voting was super “easy” and stated “I was surprised because I thought that I needed to show my ID because I just got in renewed…nope.”

Per election laws in Chicago voters do not need to show any form of ID if they are registered to vote.

The Gateway Pundit reported earlier on Tuesday that the public may not know who will be the next mayor of Chicago until April.

Here’s why:

“This Is Absolute Vote Harvesting” – Chicago Prisoners Forced to Vote in Upcoming Mayoral Election (VIDEO)

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