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Alberta’s Premiere Danielle Smith.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Climate Alarmist policies have been causing a series of political and legal struggles of late.

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From facing a united front of Provincial Premiers aligned against it, to seeing part of the legislation associated with it struck down by a court decision, it hasn’t been easy for Trudeau to impose his climate lunacy to the whole of Canada.

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Now it surfaces that the premier of Alberta, Canada’s main oil-producing province, has said her government intends to move an act ‘to shield provincial power companies from proposed federal clean electricity regulations’.

Reuters reported:

“Speaking at a morning radio program on Saturday, Premier Danielle Smith, who says the plans of the federal government to cut greenhouse gas emissions will wreck the energy industry, said she was driven to act by frustration with the federal government.”

The province of Alberta has long been at odds with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government over its energy policy.

“Last month, in a victory for Alberta, Canada’s Supreme Court dealt a blow to Trudeau’s government by ruling that federal law assessing how major projects such as coal mines and oil sands plants impact the environment is largely unconstitutional.

‘We have been trying to work collaboratively with them on aligning their targets with our targets’, Smith said on Saturday said on the radio program ‘Your Province. Your Premier’.

‘We will not put our operators at risk of going to jail if they do not achieve the targets that have been set, which we believe are unachievable’, Smith said. ‘We have to have a reliable grid. We have to have an affordable grid, and we’re going to make sure that we defend our constitutional jurisdiction to do that’.”

The resolution will now be brought forward for debate and approval in the provincial legislature.

Trudeau’s ‘clean electricity regulations’ are ‘designed’ to create a net-zero emissions power grid by 2035 by limiting emitting power sources such as Alberta’s natural gas-burning plants, from being used.

The ‘Alberta Sovereignty Within a United Canada Act’ gives the province a ‘legislative framework’ to defend its jurisdiction in areas such as natural resources, gun control, and health and education.

CBC reported:

“The province will use the controversial law to introduce a resolution in the legislature that declares Ottawa’s plan to slash grid emissions an unconstitutional federal measure, and spell out ways the regulations would not be enforced in Alberta, according to sources familiar with the matter.”

This is the first time Smith’s government actually puts into place the law it passed last December.

I was devised as a way to enable the province to ‘push back against federal interference and encroachment’ on provincial jurisdiction.

“One of her consistent threats has been to use the act in hopes of thwarting Clean Electricity Regulations (CER), the suite of rules designed to implement the Trudeau government’s plan for a net-zero power grid by 2035. The regulations would put clear limits on when and how emitting power sources — like Alberta’s natural gas-burning plants — can be used starting in 2035, though it does not ban their use.”

The vast majority of Alberta’s electricity comes from natural gas. Premier Smith vowed to fight Ottawa’s plans, even putting out an $8-million national advertising campaign urging other Canadians to fight against it, too.

“Smith was emboldened to amp up her language about Ottawa’s ‘lawlessness’ after the recent Supreme Court ruling that much of the federal Impact Assessment Act was intruding on provincial jurisdiction. However, legal experts have said that ruling would have no effect on the grid regulations, which rely on a different sort of federal powers.”

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