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The grocery store in one small California town was put out of commission last week when the San Bernardino Mountains were buried in snow, but Goodwin and Son’s Market in Crestline has still found a way to help the community eat.

“We are the only grocery store in town, been there for 77 years,” said Mike Johnstone, vice president of the market, according to KTLA.

That meant that when its roof collapsed and impassable roads limited transportation for the town’s residents, there was no place else to go for food. State officials said roads could be impassable for a week or two. California has declared a state of emergency to deal with the blocked roads.

The roof of a grocery store in Crestline, California collapsed onto all the food and products inside due to heavy snow from back-to-back winter storms pounding the area.

— CBS News (@CBSNews) March 2, 2023

The saga of how the market and town rebounded begins with the store’s post on Facebook announcing the bad news.

“Despite our best efforts of snow removal from our roof during this historic storm the additional 2’ snow load from last night’s storm was too much for it to handle. The corner of the roof was comprised before 4:00 AM this morning when Mike Johnstone and two employees were in the store,” the post said.

“They evacuated and immediately called the fire department and building inspector. By the late morning when the building inspector was outside with David Goodwin, and Mike Johnstone, the remainder of the roof came down,” the post said.

The entire roof of a Crestline, California, grocery store collapsed under the weight of snow. Fortunately, no one was inside the store when the roof caved-in at dawn on Wednesday. (REUTERS)

— Voice of America (@VOANews) March 3, 2023

Then came a promise.

“Although we are unable to help service the community at this immediate time, we WILL NOT let you down,” the post continued.

In a follow-up Facebook post, the store warned against anyone trying to access the store to get food.

“We need to make it very clear that it is absolutely unsafe at this time to access the food in the store. It is currently RED TAGGED. We would love more than anything to give the food out but at this time are waiting for a structural engineer, and the adjuster who are heading up the mountain this morning to meet with us,” the post said.

The store then offered a bit of advice.

It’s insane in Crestline, Gregory, Blue Jay and Arrowhead! We are called Newsome’s office to help. Elderly and others are trapped without food, the residents are working together to help ourselves. Owner of Goodwin’s is giving out food after his grocery store roof collapsed.

— D ann (@countrygal33oc) March 4, 2023

“Check on your neighbor! If everybody just checks on one neighbor, we can take care of one another. Make sure that your gas meters are uncovered and clear of snow. Offer to assist your neighbor as well,” the post said.

But sunshine followed shadow.

“This afternoon we received food donations from multiple agencies and a San Bernardino Donation Center,” it posted on Facebook, noting that a food giveaway would take place Saturday.

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