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From East Palestine, Ohio, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg addressed the media and apologized for his delayed response to the train catastrophe. He also urged former President Donald Trump to take action and push for more controls on trains.

You brought up a well-known politician from another state who has decided to intervene. You may be referring to Donald Trump here. Then you said, “Please assist me.” “How can he help?” a reporter posed to Buttigieg.


Well, he may advocate for rolling back the deregulation that occurred during his administration. Buttigieg answered, “I heard him declare he had nothing to do with it, even though it was in his administration.

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If he didn’t have anything to do with it and it was implemented in his administration against his will, then perhaps he would come out and say that he is in favor of us changing course. And when it comes to stricter regulations, we have no qualms about taking credit for them ourselves.

And I believe his implication that this is something that everyone, regardless of where they stand on issues of politics and presidential campaigns, can support is telling. The associated increased penalties, stricter safety requirements, and restrictions on our flexibility with regard to brake rules enacted by Congress. That’s a generous act on his part.

On Wednesday, when in East Palestine, Trump blasted the Biden administration and said the federal government had overlooked the “red state” neighborhood for political reasons. Republican state and local politicians have all denied the allegation and praised the federal government’s response.

Following the accident and subsequent spill of harmful chemicals, many media pundits and observers have placed the finger in different directions, with Buttigieg and President Joe Biden being singled out on the right. Others have pointed the finger at Ohio’s Republican governor, Mike DeWine, and local officials, saying they should have accepted the federal aid that was provided right after the disaster.

Furthermore, the White House has joined the chorus of critics of Trump’s administration for rolling back some rail safety regulations. On Wednesday, Politico published an article detailing the various regulations that have been rolled back during Trump’s presidency. These regulations include an Obama-era rule that required trains carrying toxic or flammable materials to upgrade to faster brakes and regular audits of train and track safety.

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