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Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg on Thursday visited East Palestine, Ohio for the first time since the derailment and toxic disaster.

Buttigieg refused to offer immediate assistance, FEMA refused for two weeks to offer relief, and the Biden administration did not mention the disaster until they were asked about the disaster days after the toxic chemical mushroom cloud explosion.

Buttigieg visited East Palestine one day after Trump showed up and delivered supplies to residents.

Trump forced the federal government to finally respond to the toxic disaster.

Trump is on the ground in Ohio forcing the federal govt to act. Joe Biden is in Ukraine spending your taxpayer dollars to make the military industrial complex rich & making corrupt Ukrainian officials richer, & transportation sect Mayor Pete can’t be bothered yet… 19 days later.

— Donald Trump Jr. (@DonaldJTrumpJr) February 22, 2023

Pete Buttigieg couldn’t be bothered on Thursday.

He showed up early Thursday morning, delivered some remarks in a press conference and ran away.

After it took him 3 weeks to visit Ohio, Buttigieg told reporters: “That’s why we’ve been here from the first hours of the incident as an administration.”


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