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While Biden is working on getting the world into a war with nuclear Russia.  Iran is now only days away from making fissile material needed to make a nuke. 

The US and the world are now in a very dangerous situation.  Joe Biden is threatening war with Russia.  Last night drones hit targets within Russia.  Russia is at war with Ukraine, and to top it all off, Russia has nukes – lots of them.

Word is now coming out of Israel that Iran, the terrorist nation, is only 12 days away from making fissile material needed for nukes.  But don’t worry, the Biden gang doesn’t believe that Iran has the ability to make a nuke yet.

The Jerusalem Post writes:

Iran could make enough fissile for one nuclear bomb in “about 12 days,” a top US Defense Department official said on Tuesday…

While US officials say Iran has grown closer to producing fissile material, they do not believe it has mastered the technology to actually build a bomb.

The Biden Administration is lying again about Iran’s latest actions and trying to blame this on President Trump who got the US out of the insane Iran agreement that allowed Iran to move ahead with its efforts in making a bomb.  President Trump got out of the loser deal and put sanctions on Iran which kept the country in check.  Now Iran after only two years under the Biden regime can make the material used in nukes in 12 days.

The Biden Administration tried to get back into a deal with Iran by giving them everything they asked for.  It didn’t matter because Iran claimed last summer that it had the ability to make a nuke.

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Now Iran can make fissile for one nuke in 12 days and it has the ability to build a bomb even though the Biden gang now says they don’t think they do.  Who are we to trust?

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