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On Wednesday night, a source inside the Proud Boys Trial in Washington DC notified prominent reporters covering the trial.

At 09:00 AM ET on Thursday morning the attorneys for the Proud Boys are going to release damning evidence that exposes illegal activity by the federal government. The attorneys recently discovered this evidence and they are going to release it at 9 AM on Thursday morning.

The prosecution accidentally did not delete government files they thought they had erased. The defense attorneys were able to capture these files.

Alex Jones told The Gateway Pundit on Wednesday that the evidence includes government operatives spying on attorney-client privilege and erasing evidence. Over 350 files were captured. According to Alex Jones, “They are just over the top huge.”

The attorneys are releasing this information in the morning and they are hoping that friendly reporters will be there to document this hearing.

AGAIN: Tomorrow at the Proud Boys Trial – Absolutely huge! The attorneys hope those in the area can make it.

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