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100 Percent Fed Up reports – After parents faced censorship by school boards for reading the contents of books permitted at their library, a sixth-grade student took his school board to task by doing the same thing this week.

Parents at Windham Middle School have been engaged in a protracted battle with the school board and left-wing activists as they attempt to get pornographic content removed from libraries, a similar issue that parents have faced nationwide.

Books included in the middle school’s library have age advisories above the age of students attending Windham.

The book that 11-year-old Knox Zajac read, which depicts two male minors stealing alcohol from their parents and engaging in sex acts, has an advisory of 14 years or older.

Another book that has attracted national controversy, ‘Genderqueer,’ has an age advisory of 18 years or older.

Parents and elected officials in the area have noted that the school board has become less accountable to parents, with many saying that the school board has become increasingly hostile as they attempt to push left-wing initiatives on students.

“It seems like the debate at the school board is stacked against parents,” Rep. Barbara Bagshaw (R-Windham) said, adding: “They pretty much want to shut down communication from parents.”

The Maine Wire Reports:

“Knox Zajac, an 11–year-old sixth grader, spoke up at a school board meeting last week to read aloud from the illustrated romance for teenagers, “Nick and Charlie,” that he had checked out of his school’s library. The story begins with two early teen boys stealing wine from their parents and proceeding to experiment sexually with one another.

“A lot of parents just don’t know what’s going on in the school,” Knox’s father, Adam Zajac, told The Maine Wire. “What I don’t understand is how we have books in the middle school library that adults would be fired for having at work or potentially prosecuted for sharing with children given their pornographic content. It’s smut, really.”

“State and Federal law prohibit the possession or distribution of pornographic material involving children, though cartoon images are a gray area.”

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