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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is gearing up for a run for President.  But today’s silence about New York’s prosecutorial abuse against President Trump is not helping him one bit. 

President Trump is crushing all the other candidates, from either party, in polls for the 2024 presidential race.

Joe Biden is a disgrace and the most hated person to ever step into the White House.  And this is before the upcoming economic meltdown.

President Trump is leading all GOP candidates for President and hopefuls.  Many people believe Ron DeSantis should back President Trump to bring the party together.  But DeSantis’ actions to date are the opposite.

DeSantis was silent about the illegal Mar-a-Lago raid by the corrupt DOJ.  Many believe he knew about the raid ahead of time.  He might have known about this garbage indictment announced yesterday for some time as well.

But rather than stand up to this obvious tyrannical and fascist injustice, DeSantis remains silent.  This is a very poor political move. 

DeSantis appears to be run by the GOP elites who hate President Trump because he wants policies that are America first.  At least this is the message that is perceived by Trump supporters.

Now DeSantis remains silent at a time when our corrupt and criminal DOJ, which is quickly becoming the equivalent of the injustice departments of fascists in the past, attempts to arrest the President of the United States, Donald Trump, on literally made-up crimes.

DeSantis’ inactions will be his doom.  His hopes for president are fading quickly and he hasn’t even announced.

Americans want just leaders, not beholden followers of big-money elites. 

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