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President Joe Biden can keep lying about the jobs his administration has “created” — but Twitter users are going to keep on fact-checking him on one of the biggest lies of his administration.

On Friday evening, Biden’s official presidential account tweeted a misleading graphic touting the job-creation run he claims to be on.

“This is what happens when you invest in America,” he tweeted.

“We have more work to do – but this is real progress.”

This is what happens when you invest in America.

We have more work to do – but this is real progress.

— President Biden (@POTUS) May 5, 2023

Yes — and I wonder why that was. Hmm. Perhaps it was the pandemic and the lockdowns that were put in place?

A community note — a feature added to Twitter under Elon Musk’s management that allows other users to fact-check erroneous posts — was added to the post that added a bit of context: “The record job creation under Biden is due to COVID-19 recovery, rather than any effort by the current President,” it states.

“Jobs were being created at a steady rate between 2010 and 2020 (under Obama and Trump), followed by a sharp drop due to COVID-19, which happened under Trump.”

Collin Rugg, whose Twitter bio identifies him as co-owner of the conservative website Trending Politics, called Biden’s tweet “very misleading.”

“In March of 2020 the US was locked down due to COVID. Unemployment skyrocketed & many lost their jobs,” he wrote.

“When Biden came into office, lockdowns were ending & everyone got their jobs back.

“Biden calls this ‘job creation.’”

I’ll Community Note this for you

Very misleading:

In March of 2020 the US was locked down due to COVID. Unemployment skyrocketed & many lost their jobs.

When Biden came into office, lockdowns were ending & everyone got their jobs back.

Biden calls this ‘job creation’

— Collin Rugg (@CollinRugg) May 5, 2023

Indeed, the data show that the country’s employment levels have barely recovered to the peak levels seen in 2019.

Others noted the misleading nature of the chart Biden posted:

I’ll add some context:

These jobs weren’t created, these are people going back to work

The per month is skewed because it’s over a different time scale, it will likely not stay this high after the full 4 years

Lastly, this is largely driven by covid, not investing in America

— John (NFTJohn.eth) (@EverydayJohn_) May 5, 2023

I’m just going to sit back and wait to see how the community notes destroy this manipulative post.

— Emmanuel Rincón (@EmmaRincon) May 5, 2023

As of my knowledge, there is no information to suggest that President Joe Biden has ever started a company or personally created any jobs. All he’s done is take credit for the work of others. Biden has spent most of his career in politics, serving as a U.S. Senator from Delaware…

— Lawrence 4.68e+3 (@Avatrode) May 5, 2023

The tweet deserved all the hate it got, too. No other president or politician in recent memory has been so misleading on his history of job creation. After the Democrats helped destroy the economy, all Joe Biden had to do was let things return to normal, and as quickly as possible.

This shouldn’t have been a difficult task. Literally, all that needed to be done was to go back to status quo ante. Instead, Biden hasn’t been particularly good at this, producing numerous disappointing jobs reports and lackluster economic growth.

And now, Biden wants to tout the great job he’s done — despite rampant inflation, a significant chance of a recession in the next year and a cooling job market.

If nothing else, the Biden administration has distinguished itself by how shamelessly it’s willing to lie to the American people. Friday’s tweet about “job creation” is only the most recent example, but also one of its biggest.

That community note is just the beginning the kind of thing that the president will face as he tries to paint a fake picture of his record in the hope American voters won’t believe their lying eyes.

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