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100 Percent Fed Up reports- Does anyone remember the outrage from the Left when they accused President Trump of placing children who illegally crossed our southern border in cages? Well, the cages turned out to be holding pens for children that were erected when Barack Obama began to facilitate the open-border program from Mexico to America during his first term.

“Oh, the inhumanity!” They screamed in their attempt to blame President Trump, who, in reality, committed the most HUMANE act in decades when he closed down our borders and began to build a wall that would prevent millions of illegal aliens from being human trafficked by drug cartels and coyotes across our southern border.

Since day one of his illegitimate presidency, Joe Biden and his radical regime have made no secret of their desire to open our borders to any foreigner who dares to cross. They have done absolutely nothing about the invasion on our southern border, placing every American in harm’s way with convicted felons, members of dangerous gangs and drug cartels, and human traffickers, including sex traffickers coming across our border every day.

Democrats have ignored the horrific stories of abused and abandoned children who are being used as pawns for these evil people to freely cross our border and then secure free transportation to literally anywhere in the US they choose to stay, simply because they have a child in tow.

Yesterday, an abandoned two-year-old boy was found by himself on the Texas Southern border by a Texas State Police officer.

In what can only be described as a heartbreaking scene, the little boy was found wearing jeans and a lightweight jacket and wearing nothing more than a backpack with a toy, hat, and note inside. Around the boy’s neck is a makeshift ID that tells his age and country of origin. As he opens the note, the TX State Trooper notices a toy and hat in his backpack and says, “Basically, instructions on where he wants to go. He’s got his cell phone— address—looks like Louisiana; that’s where he’s supposed to go.” He continues to explain the note he found in the little boy’s backpack, “Basically, directions on where he wants to go.”

The TX State Police officer appears to be sending information about the boy back to a home base on his radio when a voice can be heard saying, “We found migrants giving themselves up.”A pregnant woman who had just crossed the border with a group of CHINESE illegal aliens who were brought over by coyotes found the young boy “with a card around his neck,” the police officer explains. Another person in the background, who is possibly another TX State Police officer, can be heard saying the boy is “2 years old man, and by himself,” and it appears the boy is from “Honduras,” as well.

What kind of monster sends a toddler across the border with nothing more than the clothes on his back, a hat, and a note about which state he should be sent to if/when he is found?

Jorge Ventura Media who was with the TX State Police officers when they encountered the 2-year-old boy shared the video on Twitter.


Moments ago we encountered a 2-year-old boy unaccompanied minor who was abandoned at the border according to a migrant woman who found the boy. He’s wearing a makeshift ID with a Louisiana address on it. We encountered them with a group of Chinese nationals who just crossed…

— Jorge Ventura Media (@VenturaReport) March 21, 2023

Here is a recent video showing a group of five Chinese citizens who have illegally crossed our border (likely with the help of coyotes) and are making their way to their final destination when they are confronted.

Why are CHINESE ILLEGAL ALIENS walking around freely in America?

Does China allow foreigners to freely enter and LIVE in their country on the government’s dime without having to go through the proper process to become a LEGAL citizen?

Is China sending their best into the US…

— 100% FED UP! (@100PercFEDUP) March 22, 2023

In September 2021, we reported that two very young children (2 years old and 3-months old) happened to be spotted by border patrol agents along the Rio Grande. If they hadn’t been seen and rescued, they would not have survived. The two children were from Honduras.

If Joe Biden and the Democrats who’ve endorsed his plan to keep our borders open to millions of foreigners were arrested and charged for making it possible for abandoned children who are left to fend for themselves in a desert where they are exposed to dangerous criminals, extreme temperatures, lack of food and water and even wild animals, they would probably think twice about their actions.

For decades, Democrats have proven how much they care for those who are unable to fend for themselves. From their push for abortion up until the moment of birth (or even after birth) to the stealing of our children’s innocence with the radical sex and race-hate education they are subjecting our young children to in the classrooms, to creating a pathway to international child trafficking in America, Democrats have declared war on the innocent—not just in America, but the innocent from around the world.

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