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President Joe Biden arrived in Vilnius, Lithuania, on Monday, setting the stage for a highly significant NATO summit in the shadow of the ongoing war in Ukraine.

Air Force One touched down in the Lithuanian capital as leaders from the 31-member alliance converged for the crucial, two-day meeting.

The world’s media watched as the U.S. president, the representative of U.S. strength, got off the plane and rubbed his chin, trying to figure out where to go like a lost child on his first day of school.



U.S. President Joseph Biden has arrived in #Vilnius – Media#Lithuania #NATO #UkraineWar #UkraineRussiaWar

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The international community has high expectations for this gathering, considering its proximity to Russian territory and the critical importance of projecting strength in the face of escalating global tensions.

With all eyes on this meeting of NATO allies, the sight of the leader of the most powerful force in the alliance, unable to confidently navigate his way is more than embarrassing; it’s deeply concerning.

As the commander in chief of U.S. military, it is imperative that Biden exudes authority and assurance.

Public appearances of this magnitude carry significant weight and have repercussions that extend far beyond mere optics.

NATO, primarily concerned with military matters, relies heavily on projecting unity and resolve to deter potential adversaries. Yet, the current behavior of the president raises doubts about the alliance’s ability to project a strong and united front in the face of looming challenges.

Allies and adversaries alike are closely scrutinizing every move for any signs of weakness.

The stakes are high at this summit as some Eastern European NATO members were enthusiastic about expediting Ukraine’s integration into the alliance, while several certain first-generation states have expressed concerns that moving quickly on NATO membership could provoke direct conflict with Russia.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has said he did not intend to attend the summit “for fun.” He has a clear purpose — to pursue a definitive pathway for Ukraine’s membership in the alliance and to obtain the consequent security guarantees.

Biden has previously shot down the idea of Ukraine joining NATO right now, but he will play a critical role in providing a roadmap in determining what specific criteria or timelines, if any, are offered to Ukraine for NATO membership, according to CNN.

Zelenskyy has previously emphasized in an interview with CNN  that an invitation to NATO would be a huge motivator and that the decision essentially rests on President Biden, recognizing the significance of the U.S. administration’s stance in shaping Ukraine’s future.

NATO needs Biden’s guidance about Ukraine and other weighty matters, but Biden himself seems to need guidance just to find an exit off the tarmac.

It’s not a good look.

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