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The Biden Regime is now releasing hordes of Chinese illegal aliens into the United States with NTAs (notice to appear).

Fox News captured the Chinese illegals being released to an NGO in Brownsville, Texas on Tuesday.

The illegals were given NTAs because there are so many crossing into the US and no more space to house them, according to Fox News.


BREAKING: FOX News captures exclusive video of Chinese nationals being released publicly to an NGO in Brownsville, TX. CBP sources say they are being released w NTAs (notices to appear) because there are so many crossing and no more space to house them @FoxNews

— Griff Jenkins (@GriffJenkins) March 21, 2023

Border Patrol says the number of Chinese nationals illegally crossing the border has recently spiked.

Border Patrol has encountered over 4,300 Chinese illegals in 2023 – up from 2,176 in 2022 and 450 in 2021.

Cartel smugglers are cashing in on the Chinese illegals and charging them as much as triple what they charge other migrants from South America, Fox News reported.

More than 5 million illegal aliens have crossed over the border since Joe Biden was sworn into office in January 2021 and more than 1 million ‘gotaways’ are roaming around inside the US.

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