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Equity Investment Executive Ed Dowd was on the War Room on Lindell TV where he discussed the consequences of Biden’s actions on the economy.  It does not look good. 

Steve Bannon had Ed Dowd on The War Room where they discussed the consequences of Joe Biden’s actions on the economy and the predictions Dowd made a few months ago.

Dowd was on  The War Room last year and he predicted that a deep, deep recession was coming “fast and furious in the first and second quarter.”

The other thing that Dowd reports that took place in late 2022 is this:

“The money supply (M2) year-over-year growth went negative for the first time since 1930 (the Great Depression).  Let me say that again, 1930.  This is the fifth time it happened and the previous four times since 1868, have been associated with financial panics.  So, M2 is basically money and money is credit…

Here we are, the Wall Street Journal is fomenting bank runs by reporting 186 of them are in trouble.

Dowd goes on to say that we’re going to consolidate the banks into six banks.  But this will only delay the mess.

We’re watching Japan.  We’re watching China.  So this is going to spread around the globe.  Quite frankly this is beyond anyone’s control, including the FED and the US Treasury…

The release valve for all this debt is going to be a currency issue and a global sovereign debt default.  So currency wars are coming. There’ll be currency issues which will lead to a kinetic war…

Look, I don’t want to be a doomsdayer but this is beyond everyone’s control.  We’re at the end and it’s imploding on itself.

This is a must-see interview from last week’s War Room.

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