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Joe Biden caved – this is great news for Republicans.

Biden decided not to veto a Republican bill that would override a Washington D.C. crime bill that lowered sentencing laws for criminals.

His administration previously opposed it, according to this PDF at

USA Today reported:

President Joe Biden said Thursday he will sign a Republican-backed resolution that would override the District of Columbia’s controversial new rewrite of its criminal sentencing laws despite his administration’s initial opposition to congressional intervention.

His signature would allow Congress to overturn a D.C. bill for the first time in 30 years, marking a rare moment of Biden clashing with local leaders of the nation’s capital he backs making the 51st state.

Biden faced a major political dilemma whether to let the resolution become law or vetoing it and opening himself up to criticism as soft on crime during the 2024 presidential election.

Still, you can bet Biden won’t have a public bill-signing ceremony for this one.

House Democrats expected him to veto the bill.

One said he privately said he would veto the bill.

They are furious – even Nancy Pelosi spoke out saying she wished Biden “would’ve told us first.”

Breitbart reported:

Some Democrats are reportedly furious President Joe Biden would sign congressional Republicans’ resolution to terminate the controversial Washington, DC, soft-on-crime law if the Senate passes it in coming weeks.

“The White House f***** this up royally,” one House Democrat told the Hill via text message, claiming the White House had previously promised to veto the resolution.

“So a lot of us who are allies voted no in order to support what the White House wanted. And now we are being hung out to dry,” the Democrat lawmaker added. “F****** AMATEUR HOUR. HEADS SHOULD ROLL OVER AT THE WHITE HOUSE OVER THIS.”

Is this a sign of the Democrat party fracturing?

Axios reported:

The hostility threatens to damage the White House’s relationship with House Democrats ahead of 2024, as Republicans force them to take votes on wedge issues that could come back to haunt the party on the campaign trail.

“People are rip roarin’ pissed,” said one House Democrat, summing up the mood of the caucus. “He [Biden] is going to have a much harder time asking people to take tough votes after this.”

This is a major political victory for the GOP.

The Hill reported:

President’s Biden announcement late this week that he will not veto the GOP-led resolution of disapproval of the District of Columbia’s new crime bill handed Republicans a major political victory and puts his own party’s divisions on full display as they attempt to combat attacks that they are soft on crime.

Senate Republicans were already set to message heavily on the bill next week before it comes to the floor — and now will get to do so against a Democratic caucus likely more split on the measure than was expected, as some will likely be swayed by the White House’s move.

“Clearly, it’s a recognition on their part that they were playing a losing hand on this issue and needed to get right with the American people,” Thune added. “So yeah — it’s a win.”

Will the GOP finally grow a backbone and take on Biden’s radical agenda?

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