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George Alan Kelly

George Alan Kelly, 73, was arrested for killing Gabriel Cuen-Butimea, on his Arizona ranch in Kino Springs just outside of Nogales, Mexico on January 30.

Kelly was being held at the Santa Cruz County jail on $1 million bond, but he posted bail and was released from custody on Wednesday, Fox News confirmed.

According to reports, Gabriel Cuen-Butimea has a history of illegally crossing into the United States and multiple deportations.

Authorities found a Mexican voter registration card on the decedent.

According to the defense lawyers, Mr. Kelly fired warning shots after he saw a group of men dressed in camouflaged clothing point an AK-47 right at him.

George Alan Kelly was careful to shoot above their heads, the lawyers said.

The rancher later discovered the deceased man after he went to check on his horse.

“As the sun was going down later that day, Kelly went to his pastures to check on his horse, still concerned the horse might have been injured in the incident. Noticing that the dogs he took with him were focused on something on the ground near a mesquite tree, Kelly approached the area and “observed a body lying face down in the grass,” Larkin wrote. He then called the Border Patrol ranch liaison a third time to report the discovery and request assistance from law enforcement.” – Fox News reported.

George Alan Kelly was hit with new charges ahead of his preliminary hearing on Tuesday.

The elderly rancher was hit with two charges of aggravated assault in addition to the first-degree premeditated murder charge.

The next hearing is scheduled for Friday.

Fox News reported:

Arizona rancher George Alan Kelly, who is facing murder and other charges in the shooting of a Mexican national on his border property, has been released from custody, Fox News Digital confirmed Thursday.

Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy Gerardo Castillo confirmed that 73-year-old Kelly posted bond Wednesday after appearing in court.

Judge Emilio Velasquez had upheld Kelly’s $1 million bond, though agreed to convert it from cash to surety. He also set the next hearing date for Friday despite the defense pleading for a continuance of 30 to 60 days to allow time to confer with experts and gather the forensic and ballistic evidence they say authorities have neglected to process.

Christian crowdsourcing site GiveSendGo had picked up the fundraising baton for Kelly’s bond and defense after GoFundMe booted all campaigns for the rancher from its site.

“George and Wanda Kelly are so grateful for all your support and donations,” a post read Thursday on a GiveSendGo fundraiser titled, “Drop charges against Arizona Rancher George Kelly,” announcing the rancher’s release. “When we come together and stand up for what is right we MAKE a difference! They still have a long road ahead of them. Please continue to support George. God Bless.”

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