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Fifty one years ago (February 12, 1972) U.S. President Richard M. Nixon landed in Beijing on a cold, blustery day, shook hands with China’s Premier Zhou Enlai, and started a thaw in U.S./China relations that launched China on a path that has made it a world power. During that visit, Zhou declared that “the gate to friendly contact” had been opened. That gate is now slammed shut and China is preparing for an eventual war with the United States in part because of the bellicose policies and actions of the Biden Administration.

Blame for the rupture in the formerly friendly relationship is not the fault of Biden and his bumbling National Security team. U.S. politicians in both parties now routinely refer to China as an “enemy”, the General in charge of Air Mobility Command wrote a letter stating he believed that America would be at war with China by 2025 and public opinion polls show a growing number of Americans also believe that China is the main threat.

China has initiated a number of actions to prepare for the possibility of going to war with the United States. The Wall Street Journal reported today that China has begun revoking the patents of U.S. companies in important industries for Beijing, including technology, pharmaceuticals and the use of rare earth minerals.

Officials in the U.S. and European Union accuse China of using its courts and patent panels to undermine foreign intellectual-property rights and help Chinese businesses. They say China is focusing such efforts on industries it deems important, including technology, pharmaceuticals and rare-earth minerals.

A U.S. manufacturer of X-ray equipment had a decade-old patent invalidated by a Chinese legal panel. A Spanish mobile-antenna designer lost a similar fight in a Shanghai court. Another Chinese court ruled that a Japanese conglomerate broke antitrust law by refusing to license its technology to a Chinese rival.

China also is buying gold and selling its sizeable position in U.S. Treasury bills. Beijing took notice of the West’s attempt to destroy Russia’s economy with sanctions and the seizure of Russian assets overseas and has embarked on a program to cut its risk. China now realizes that if it acts to protect its claim on Taiwan it would face the same sort of retaliation that the West deployed against Russia for its war to prevent Ukraine from becoming part of NATO.

The visit of Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi to Moscow this week was not a coincidence. It had at least three goals — to demonstrate China’s support for Russia on the anniversary of the Special Military Operation in Ukraine, to further progress on the creation of an alternative international financial system not beholden to Washington and, I believe, to kick off the negotiations for a mutual defense pact. In addition to meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov, Wang Yi met with Patrushev, the head of Russia’s Security Council.

In the world of international diplomacy, the Foreign Minister has the task of working out details and producing the documents that would codify a defense relationship. It also is not a coincidence that Putin announced at the end of the “productive” meeting with Wan Yi that Xi Jinping, the President of the People’s Republic of China, would visit Russia in the near future, possibly in March. Xi Jinping is not going to Russia to sight see or swig vodka.

As Wang Yi met with Putin’s senior government officis, the boneheads in Washington chose that moment to verbally bully the Chinese.

Pentagon deputy press secretary Sabrina Singh told reporters at a press briefing that China will face consequences if it provides lethal assistance.

“There will certainly be consequences for China should they deepen their relationship with Russia,” Singh said. “We haven’t seen them give lethal aid to Russia at this time for the war, but they also haven’t taken that off the table.”

Beijing’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs responded to the U.S. threat by declaring that China would not tolerate pressure and threats in relation to Russian-Chinese relations. If the United States can send military aid to Ukraine, China has the full right as a sovereign nation, to send military aid to any country it chooses to support.

The arrogance and hypocrisy of the United States towards both Russia and China is solidifying the bond between the Russians and the Chinese. Dmitry Medvedev’s comment on Putin’s and Biden’s speeches should be a wake up call to America (but I fear it is falling on deaf ears):

Yesterday we had an address by the President of Russia to the Federal Assembly, in which, among other things, he announced the suspension of our participation in START III. A long overdue decision, the inevitability of which I noted last year. A decision prompted by the war the United States and other NATO countries have declared on our country. A decision that will have a huge resonance in the world in general and in the United States in particular. The reasoning of the American establishment so far has been this: we will shit all over you, we will supply huge volumes of weapons to the Kiev regime, we will work to defeat Russia, we will limit and destroy you, but strategic security is a separate issue. It is not related to the overall context of the U.S.-Russia relationship. It is almost a sacred cow.

This conclusion is worse than a crime-it’s a grave mistake by Americans. A mistake born of their mania grandiosa. Their sense of superiority and impunity. After all, it is obvious to all reasonable forces that if the U.S. wants to defeat Russia, then we are on the brink of a world conflict. If the U.S. wants to defeat Russia, we have the right to defend ourselves with any weapon, including nuclear weapons. As Putin rightly said: “It is impossible to defeat Russia on the battlefield. This is precisely why we have suspended (for now) START III. Let the elites in the U.S., who have lost touch with reality, think about what they have achieved. Let us also watch the reactions of the other NATO nuclear powers: France and Britain. Their Strategic nuclear forces were not usually included in the balance of nuclear warheads and carriers in the preparation of agreements between the US and the USSR (Russia), and it is high time to do so.

The Nixon era of peace with China is dead. The new era of a military and economic alliance between Russia and China is beginning and America labors under the delusion that it can stop this with threats of military action. A very dangerous time for the world.

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