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Joe Biden’s floating Gaza pier is now sinking.

With all of the foreign policy disasters under Joe Biden’s watch you have to ask yourself if this is all on purpose? Is the Biden regime intentionally trying to make the United States look feckless, inept and weak?

Joe Biden’s floating Gaza pier broke loose this weekend and is now sinking.

The Palestinians in the video are heard laughing as Biden’s pier sinks.

$320 million Gaza pier, a floating dock built by the US Army, has now broken loose and has reportedly began sinking.

— Clash Report (@clashreport) May 27, 2024

Obviously, Joe Biden is not a builder – like President Trump.

This is Biden’s latest embarrassment on the global stage. Meanwhile, a few countries away, US troops are being forced out of Niger and Joe Biden is leaving behind a $100 million US airbase to the pro-Russian regime.

ANOTHER US HUMILIATION: Joe Biden Agrees to Remove Remaining US Troops from Niger in Sept – Abandon $100 Million Airbase – As Russian Forces Move in to Same Base

This was after Joe Biden left Bagram Airbase in Afghanistan to the Taliban terrorists and Chinese.

It must be on purpose.

For the record… The US could build floating bridges in World War II – no problem.

US built floating bridge in World War II.

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