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The Special Agent in Charge of the FBI Philadelphia field office, Jacqueline Maguire, shot and killed a large “aggressive” dog while taking a break on a bench while walking her own smaller dog in the City of Brotherly Love’s Rittenhouse Square neighborhood Monday night, according to reports. The dog was a 7-year-old pit bull named Mia. The dogs were leashed. Maguire is reported to have been off duty at the time.

Screen image shows FBI SAC Maguire standing while owner comforts shot dog. The owner’s other dog, standing on right, was not shot

The FBI’s initial statement Monday night did not identify Maguire, “FBI Philadelphia statement on a shooting incident tonight involving an FBI special agent.”…”The FBI is reviewing a shooting incident this evening on 1500 block of Spruce St, Philadelphia, involving an FBI special agent. Initial information is that the agent shot & wounded an aggressive dog. There were no other injuries. The FBI takes all shooting incidents involving our agents/task force members seriously. We’re working jointly with Philadelphia Police & FBI Inspection Division to investigate the incident.”

FBI Philadelphia statement on a shooting incident tonight involving an FBI special agent.

— FBI Philadelphia (@FBIPhiladelphia) February 21, 2023

Police sources ID’ed the shooter as Maguire:

Police sources identified the agent as Jacqueline Maguire, the special agent in charge of the Philadelphia FBI office. Initial reports are that the pit bull attacked her small dog before she allegedly fired her gun @6abc

— Beccah Hendrickson (@Beccah6abc) February 21, 2023

The Philadelphia Inquirer reported details of the shooting (excerpt):

The incident was captured on video by security cameras outside the apartment building. The footage shows Maguire sitting on a bench with her own small dog in her lap as a woman walking two other dogs passed by, according to one source who reviewed the tape.

One of the dogs — Mia — suddenly dragged her owner toward Maguire, snatched the small dog off the agent’s lap, and began aggressively shaking it, the source said.

Maguire threw herself into the fracas and tried to separate the animals, eventually drawing her weapon, placing it directly against the pit bull’s backside, and firing into the animal’s hindquarters, according to the source, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss an ongoing investigation.

Video from the scene shows the aftermath of the shooting. The owner kneels at her dying dog’s side while Maguire stands at a distance as police arrive. The owner’s other dog was not involved.

An FBI agent shot another woman’s dog tonight at the #Touraine #sprucestreet #rittenhousesquare here is video of the wounded #dog and the owner being transported by police to an emergency veterinary facility. #shooting #centercity #philly

— Rob Hartsell (@DJRobShow) February 21, 2023

Video report by WCAU-TV shows surveillance video of Maguire walking her dog Monday night before the attack.

Maria Esser, the heartbroken owner of the dog gave an interview to KYW-TV:

Esser also released a statement, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported, “Jacqueline Maguire’s reaction was reckless,” said Maria Esser, the owner of the 7-year-old pit bull Mia, and Esser’s sister, Gabriella, in a statement. “Her actions were a blatant disregard for the safety of anyone around during the incident, and her decision to use lethal force has had consequences that will last a lifetime.”

Animal rights group Revolution Philadelphia held a protest Tuesday at the FBI field office in Philadelphia.

Protestors from Revolution Philadelphia were outside of FBI Headquarters this morning.

Police say the FBI agent was walking her dog when they came on two other dogs and their owner. One dog allegedly attacked the agent’s dog, who then pulled out a gun and shot the dog

— Beccah Hendrickson (@Beccah6abc) February 21, 2023

Bentley and Storm have joined the protest.

— Tim Jimenez (@TimJRadio) February 21, 2023

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