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Actress Tilda Swinton will no longer wear a mask on film sets, she told attendees of a conference in Texas on Monday.

Swinton, a British-born Oscar and BAFTA winner, told the crowd in Austin that as far as she is concerned, the pandemic is over.

Three years to the week after life first shut down across much of the U.S. as lockdowns were enacted, Swinton said she would refuse to abide by a mask mandate overseas.

“I’m actually just about to start shooting a picture in Ireland. And I was told … to wear a mask at all times,” she said during an onstage interview.

“And I’m not wearing a mask because I’m super healthy and I’ve had COVID so many times and I’m so full of antibodies, and I have faith,” the 62-year-old added.

“It’s very nice to see your faces unmasked,” she also told the audience.

Swinton revealed last year that she had struggled with lingering symptoms of COVID.

She is now healthy and presumably trusts her body over mitigation measures such as mask-wearing — which one study recently found made “little to no difference” in preventing transmission of the virus.

If the results of the study are accurate, mask-wearing at this point is merely theater.

Swinton is paid to entertain audiences, not dance for bureaucrats. On that note, she did express that she felt the film industry had survived the events of the last three years.

“In many ways, I feel more than ever that cinema is ever more magical,” she said.

“We’ve had different challenges in the last few years particularly, and some of them are lingering around people’s belief in sitting in big spaces.”

Swinton also asked, “In Texas, did people wear masks?”

“It’s a wide world and people do things differently all over the place,” she added after she was met with laughter.

Swinton’s candor on the subject is refreshing, all things considered. As an industry, Hollywood has peddled fear since the early months of 2020, when health virtue-signaling was born.

Now, one of Hollywood’s brightest stars has tuned out the noise and will no longer follow the crowd.

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