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I haven’t watched Fox News in eons, but I actually know exactly who this anchor is. When I used to watch Fox, she was one of the dreaded anti-Trump weekend news anchors, but I don’t know her current shift these days. Maybe she’s moved up. But, according to a newly uncovered police report, it turns out that anchor Julie Banderas was attacked by her husband with a steak knife – in front of her kids back in December. It all went down on December 14,2022, and it started over a squabble about some mashed potatoes, of all things..,

Radar Online reported that Fox News host Julie Banderas’ estranged husband, Andrew Sansone, was arrested late last year for an incident in which he allegedly held a steak knife up to his soon-to-be ex-wife’s throat, has learned.

In a shocking development to come just days after Banderas announced she and her husband of 14 years were in the process of getting divorced, a newly released police report revealed Sansone was arrested on December 19 for an alleged incident that took place five days earlier.

According to the documents obtained by Daily Mail, Sansone allegedly brandished and put a steak knife up to Banderas’ throat on the night of December 14 after she ate some of the mashed potatoes he had made for their three children.

Banderas reported the incident to the police five days later, at which point Sansone was escorted from the couple’s home, arrested, and charged with two misdemeanors of menacing and criminal possession of a weapon.

According to the police report, Banderas’ alleged her husband became “enraged” before grabbing a nearby steak knife and pointing it at her neck while their children were in the other room.

The report also indicated the couple had been fighting earlier in the day over money and Sansone’s alleged plans to fight for financial support and primary custody of the children upon the couple’s imminent divorce proceedings.

Scary stuff.

Glad she got out of that marriage, and if all of this is true, I hope someone monitors his visits with his kids.

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